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"S T A R M A N / G L A S S" — Single

by Scottie Spitten

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FWMJ's Rappers I Know & Radio Galaxy
are pleased to present

"S T A R M A N / G L A S S"
a new single by
Scottie Spitten



Verse 1

Tastes better raw like cake batter
Catch me walking on the rings of Saturn matter
Space hopping, jaws dropping
They not popping, show me the fax like car shopping
Change gears Lance the dope man had'em
Soon as you get on it, I be on to the next atom
Built from the compounds of gold dust
Space city mixed with rust and earth crust
Space up! Stars and sky look black and white
Like the zone I'm in, enter the twilight
On a Friday I might, cop like top flight
Woofing cuz the kicks ate ya subs like Jersey Mikes
This forum my decorum is jokes on'em
Tip would be to breathe and stop like chloroform
The worst...Asking the nurse, where the gurney at?
This is protected by ASCAP, you ass hats
Put up stats and break backs
Niggas strike out get mad and break bats
Singing the same song doing the same dance
Cupid shuffling, group full of Charlestons’
Get banked for popping more corn than Carlton
On the court I don't do no ties like Lawson’s
Ball point pen sync with my black ink
In the booth without brushing they teeth...Bars stink


Held together by my own gravity
Space hoppin’…
The zone I’m in enter the twilight

Verse 2
Super like Nova, Star Man rap, no crap perhaps
White Dwarf cats, get your light snatched
Exploding your whack band, no gaps
Limbs from your body dirt buried in a plastic sack
Remember the name, styles gravel
Rhymes unglued unraveled, can’t call it like the league travel
Shallow, superficial, they cheating
But watch cuz a hoe will tell like Venetian
Involuntary blinking, uncontrolled
Red Giant flow, hydro, chemical patterns scattered
Chess rather I’m bored, your game is Chutes N Latter’s
Ages 6 to 15, Mean Joe Green, the pitts
Iceburg I’m cold, I’m putting it on, like the Ritz
Catch the balls like Larry Fitz, wigs split, Sharpton
Check out early, Spitz Carlton
Balling, Petrovich shit Drazen,
Starman, held together by my own gravity
Catch’em in a dark alley, Death Valley
Win at all cost got drive like Mustang Sally
Last hurrah came back like a rally
Own galaxy no time for dillydally
Jack the Ripper savvy
Vans, gloves and dodge, threes company like Jack Tripper family
Handy with the wheel hold the Brandy, modus operandi
Year round, niggas seasonal like Summer Shandy


Held together by my own gravity
Space hoppin’…
The zone I’m in enter the twilight



This is a bunch of degrees Fahrenheit
Price is right for an Elijah prototype
Wit more twist than Shyamalan, M. Night
Comic Con hype out like poker when you bluff it right
About to get wetter than Farrah Fawcett
Dripping like water outta barrel after he lost it
From Jack Sparrow to Pete Carroll after he hawked it
Sea full of bodies can't forget Rivers in Austin
Pelicans flying over the dock
Cabin fever from cop hiding under the shop
One room cot concocting plots for square blocks
Massacre in store not talking mom and pops
They all run like sea spot
Pick them off one by one like no drops
He the new killer nothing funny Dennis Miller
Didn't pack lite more than 6 never a case sicker, nigga
Scott Ripper came through like the reaper law
Won the game slammed the door like jigsaw


released March 1, 2019
"S T A R M A N / G L A S S"
(P. Corner, G. Corner, E. Edwards)
Vocal Performance by @scottie.spitten
Produced by @weareradiogalaxy

Recorded at The Gold Room in Space City, Texas by King Midas.
Mixed and Mastered by @24kking and #NoCatchPhraze

Artwork by @seancumiskeyart
Design & Layout by


all rights reserved



Scottie Spitten

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