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S. C .O. T. T. I. E.

by Scottie Spitten

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"Dead Dead Deadski" Verse 1 Up all night inspired by the life cycles This is tribal to me like a bible you read This is gospel to P, from a cloth that bleeds From the collar to sleeves, yea I rock that with jeans Hard raps, like hard hats, constructing the sheets Working the masterpiece...PB The S on my chest stands for SCOTT Production, still number one like La Rock Raise your eyebrows smell what I'm baking Cut above the eye that got the referees hands waving Like the parties over here In the mist of the heat in the hue streets stand clear Traffic is futile, avoid crowds, graphic in nature Slasher like a small forward braking shoulders Blades like the one in Cobras King Jaffe Joffer, chauffeur me in the back seat Coming for Akeem and Semi, no minks Niggas come out their teeth like Spinks All gums and no runs, don't got the right cleats Pulling all they cards when I greet...Please to meet Hook 1x Ghost, yeah folks I be rockin’ the most They all dead dead deadski Laid low on the flow now back on the post Niggas is dead dead deadski Y’all gotta go it’s Spence and this cats is toast They all dead dead deadski Verse 2 Ghost...Yea folks, I be rocking the most Give it to you on the daily like the soaps Opera, dramatic dancing with wolves like Costner Dee's words are authored in paks, like Chopras Ghost, spread bars through cells I’m a host, shit Show staged niggas quiet on the set like Ren spit Bandwidth in which used with no cable Cords is off umbilical bungee jump is fatal Ghost, said it before, yo’ I'm the most Keaton in black and white flannel crashing a light post Dope, drive done turned reckless Now ya texts get unchecked like phone messages Can't be reached, can't be breached Hyped since midnight and Red Stripes, late can't even eat Dying swallow your pride, stop lion Top Guns get shot out the sky like Goose flying Cruise lining the ship with explosives the bomb Difference between Jordan's and Whole Food Toms Gone baby, been done gone Even in Oakland I raid, niggas pay a ton On one for fun on some who else want some? Dead Deadski to P, hole to dig, when Spence come I’m like 6 feet 1 deep in street run Challenger come mow them down like Lincecum I Put them down like Dim Sum, then some 99 problems but one nigga can fix them Sensor overload niggas old and denser Like Dementia, remember SCOTTIE, Spitten Spencer
Wraith 03:02
"Wraith" Verse 1 Stone Cold, move like the Stunner Replicas got a shelf life like Blade Runner I'm saying....Digital banging Nuts on their chin I'm rim hanging on them 3 out of 13 ya shots still clanging I see Streaky it’s cold freezy icy No diamonds these lines are already pricy Highly unlikely in a situation dicey King and SCOTTIE go together like Jordan and Spike Lee Mars the Blackman, Rap Freeney the sack man Speed Indy start cult have them jumping in fire like Scatman Nothing to lose, Tim Robbin’ these fools Burying crews dig a hole like dog paws do Balls of you, that stank rap, pee you Pot to piss out the window your face to ground kiss Hit or miss your style be the latter Excuse banter at times I'm the box with chatter Man I'm feeling it, sci-fi killing it Nerdy kid under the blanket fort with comic shit Sounded like a theme score to Running Man Doing this since Whip it, Talking heads, and hair bands Yeah, SCOTTIE.... Hook 1x Sometimes they come back I’m the Wraith Spitten Spencer, got them snapping they necks like Pez dispensers He'll flip you like Fenster, for real Usual suspects come together like package deals From Big to No Chill, your outed Can they catch it I doubt it check the outfit Give praise to this I turned it into my pulpit Oh my GOD head nod like apple bob Superman takeover your game of plan like Zod I’m a general messages be subliminal Synthy material leaning on them the smooth criminal Cynical female pyscho menstrual Ill-rational don't care you all minuscule Off my rocker but not drunk off Vodka Flow energize the drums like copper topper So charge your batteries keep up them bars suck Man of the house holding it down tough like Uncle Buck Spit up it burns Acid Reflux Next I see them get hunted by the goose like duck duck Lies when the heat is on like Glen Fry Shit get all denied like whites only pies Spencer, game of life simple plain not the cereal Nothing sweet SCOTTIE treat condition critical Stretch to hospital not hospitable Short stay, no insurance not even co-pay, Wraith Hook 1x Sometimes they come back I’m the Wraith Verse 3 Cold play, spit was all yellow Hard or mellow I'm in dee face and bragging The mics for me like Ace is the place for John Madden Dead rap I'm toe tagging body bagging Players in the game at practice grab assing Lolli gagging too gassed tongue dragging Wonder why his breathe is long lasting, fresh Come clean with this Wraith, I’m Charlie Sheen Grimy on some Stephen King or Carpenter movie scenes Stranger Things done happened, yet I'm still rapping With one nigga who pilot the ship, co-captain Collecting heads Spitten this dope, Predator trapping
"Starman" Verse 1 Yeah Tastes better raw like cake batter Catch me walking on the rings of Saturn matter Space hopping, jaws dropping They not popping, show me the fax like car shopping Change gears Lance the dope man had'em Soon as you get on it, I be on to the next atom Built from the compounds of gold dust Space city mixed with rust and earth crust Space up! Stars and sky look black and white Like the zone I'm in, enter the twilight On a Friday I might, cop like top flight Woofing cuz the kicks ate ya subs like Jersey Mikes This forum my decorum is jokes on'em Tip would be to breathe and stop like chloroform The worst...Asking the nurse, where the gurney at? This is protected by ASCAP, you ass hats Put up stats and break backs Niggas strike out get mad and break bats Singing the same song doing the same dance Cupid shuffling, group full of Charlestons’ Get banked for popping more corn than Carlton On the court I don't do no ties like Lawson’s Ball point pen sync with my black ink In the booth without brushing they teeth...Bars stink Starman Hook 1x Held together by my own gravity Space hoppin’… The zone I’m in enter the twilight Verse 2 Super like Nova, Star Man rap, no crap perhaps White Dwarf cats, get your light snatched Exploding your whack band, no gaps Limbs from your body dirt buried in a plastic sack Remember the name, styles gravel Rhymes unglued unraveled, can’t call it like the league travel Shallow, superficial, they cheating But watch cuz a hoe will tell like Venetian Involuntary blinking, uncontrolled Red Giant flow, hydro, chemical patterns scattered Chess rather I’m bored, your game is Chutes N Latter’s Ages 6 to 15, Mean Joe Green, the pitts Iceburg I’m cold, I’m putting it on, like the Ritz Catch the balls like Larry Fitz, wigs split, Sharpton Check out early, Spitz Carlton Balling, Petrovich shit Drazen, Starman, held together by my own gravity Catch’em in a dark alley, Death Valley Win at all cost got drive like Mustang Sally Last hurrah came back like a rally Own galaxy no time for dillydally Jack the Ripper savvy Vans, gloves and dodge, threes company like Jack Tripper family Handy with the wheel hold the Brandy, modus operandi Year round, niggas seasonal like Summer Shandy Starman Hook 1x Held together by my own gravity Space hoppin’… The zone I’m in enter the twilight Starman ______________________________ "Glass" This is a bunch of degrees Fahrenheit Price is right for an Elijah prototype Wit more twist than Shyamalan, M. Night Comic Con hype out like poker when you bluff it right About to get wetter than Farrah Fawcett Dripping like water outta barrel after he lost it From Jack Sparrow to Pete Carroll after he hawked it Sea full of bodies can't forget Rivers in Austin Pelicans flying over the dock Cabin fever from cop hiding under the shop One room cot concocting plots for square blocks Massacre in store not talking mom and pops They all run like sea spot Pick them off one by one like no drops He the new killer nothing funny Dennis Miller Didn't pack lite more than 6 never a case sicker, nigga Scott Ripper came through like the reaper law Won the game slammed the door like jigsaw
The Hitcher 02:36
"The Hitcher" Verse 1 You hear the man in the back sounding rough like Jigsaw Let’s play a game, but either choice your bad off Come with this two piece, you can keep the coleslaw Nasty, either verse a contraption for breaking jaw Squeezed tight like Murphy pants, I’m so Raw Delirious, trying to stand up you make the call Like commercials the NFL used to reel off Whose next to get DEX’D like Michael C. Hall Intense from the suspense horror category It’s S P E N C E conducting business like in the lavatory Sorry, sorry, nah keep your sob stories Easy as 1, 2, 3, like games in Robert Horry’s Hands hands, put your hands in the air Stans You can wave them but I just don’t care man Shattering dreams P. knocking out Sandmans’ Creed to sweep trash like booing Apollo fans Dan-Dan, these bars a split your noodle Spencer and mic device mix like Labradoodle For my dogs, I’m in like the log They say I write crazier than Club Laker Blog So I stopped caring, shaped like Baron Golden States I’m sick the gitis is laryn Clear my throat Chloraseptic with the spit to coat Got them all washed up these bars is soap Tearing through Pearland black helmet in a McLaren Area barren, wishing like Terrance, well, they not faring Basic instinct stone niggas like Sharon Roger that throw these sound bombs, I’m out airing Special set of skills to be Taken seriously Need more than super teams to compete with P Traditionally would be a 16 viciously Built my synergy thanks to your own misery Put them on the chopping block, Achilles now history At ACL on some career ending injuries Hook 2x You hear the man in the back sounding rough like Jigsaw Let’s play a game but either choice you bad off Verse 2 Stepped in the ride I’ll keep it short like St. Ides Commricials, this one take, no rehearsals Stepping out, Joe Jackson cracking knuckles Outside looking in trashing you and your inner circle Gets no passes even when I’m diming off Systems a go, catch me in that Hasselhoff
Night Writer 04:25
"Night Writer" Verse 1 Come hell or high water I sweat through the dry fit In a house that Jack built waste bread like Money Pit Hank, I pull rank stay locked in a holding tank How else you think these words free-man like the Shawshank Redemption is the key after the failure I’m arriving rock bottom find your way out of the cellar Breaking bad cash Walter White on a dash Hundred miles and flying Mike and Kit moving fast Rolling with attitudes, hover with badder dudes All over their coordinates, walking on latitude Supporting the baby boom, night of a darker hue Whale running dry now you beached, eating bologna through A stomach similar to, a river drowning glup Augustus just us, it’s I-con Tron non Clu Just a pond leaving tracks in the lawn Time to re-fertilize I come with the best songs Spacing up the world is a life long Battle, more starving cons than artist to handle Sit on my bars glide like ET saddled At the speed of sound how fast do time travel? High in the sky behind the ride trails the banner it reads Day of the new grammar way of the new manner Which I bring the hammer nailing coffins I spit often, off ten on the Richter Hook Verse 2 Cut the chase I came back destroy like The Wraith Riding through, No crew, driver name Spitten Spence World turn like a corner bent Watching how your wheels spent Manually the standard who shifted out automatics Meant to say robots, weak ending all hop No joke, like black man, white man, and a Pollack Glide into body shop detailed my crockpot They spit a bunch of crock then botched all the ingredients So I slow cooked it and transformed you Go-Bots Roll out, dual exhaust flame out your show-ops Exceptional, street car desire with no blow outs Professional, Leon as the taxi driver confessional Potential to be Travis Bickle no lane flexible Incredible like the edible egg on your face Gold Room pace made the race perfect-able Niggas still skeptical one way directional Put them in facilities crash is not correctional Taking Eiht Music to drive by collectible Accelerate no brakes this not inter-sectional Reverse course radar on pare, undetectable Land then I skrrrrt like the red flashing lights With a black kit lit similar to Michael Knights I'm off, you a one off kit, one time white Hasselhoff, glide on this night ride when I write Hook
Carrie 03:20
"Carrie" Verse 1 He said you can count on me Deception to shape her feelings like pottery He got her molded into a ball Now she's the ol' chain dragging him along Cuz she can't trust the same song All around the world Smashing all the tours, and did I mention girls Stayed given sugar for free, like swirl That's how it be everybody pays a pearl So I drop gems no Bias like Len She sell ticks how she wolfing at him She got cats on the side, I got my five Crafty how she keep that "woah it's me" alive It’s all lies, Sly throwing stones that's breaking up the family Glass houses is ugly with cracks in it Sandy, tellin' the Cofax It goes around comes around tears of a clown Hook Verse 2 SCOTTIE, he got vision like 33 Traps, blowing spots, it’s cheaters TV He lost his girl to Mr. Kor With her from child until now boy meets world In a state of whirlwind swirl Trying to stop the hurl Spin her back counter clockwise like Earl the Pearl Washington’s, the almighty dollar like holla Not sour, call what he see, he Chris Fowler Looking real average so savage no ride They checked rhymes in moms ride, call tribe Quest to stop robots, like Johnny Five Short circuit, jerk it out the socket one time Every dime, downright rotten check his pockets full of cotton Do business overtime how she like to go yacht in' Boats N Hoes, brothers watch yeah steps when you sailing of shores Verse 3 Fiber optic biopic seen through my cable vision Get it on demand like the U verse on your television Purchasing the rules I'm living spacing my expression spinning Round like the mounds of rebounds Charles in Phoenix was getting Blistering pace race face to face with the lens Keep your eyes glued on the fruits of my labor Cattie shaqting a fool embarrassing you with visuals All seeing eyes, but all I see is through a 3rd pupil They see me from the cheap sheets Function at a high level can tell by the nose bleeds O-P-T-I-C view me critically Acclaimed from the start moving the city like KD OK winning, Tubman switched the 20 vision Peep, you can’t with shades on in the building Actors of guilding, rehearsing roles off a script sheet Playing big, still watching from the side, basking in the streets
The Abyss 02:51
"The Abyss" Verse 1 Aquatic, glide like the dolphin Take them under tombstone they in the coffin Paul Bearer put the ashes in the urn Fly over the ocean scatter with the fishes Science fiction sci-fi for short This is water sport homie drown in the lyric Through the blood and mud rocking goggles Thick to snorkel similar to Urkel’s bifocals Cats is shallow off the deep end Told her, can't swim better have your floaters Or you'll fall to the sea floor the Man-O-Wars At the bottom is hardcore they light them if they got them Seaweed of course gangster smoke No I don't toke just real dope from what I wrote Nope, play dead make them think the fish sleep Gills flex when they smell and peep fresh meat Yeah, they creeps I know, can't be better said Circle like sharks to blood they want hammer head Will do anything to get it Travel in schools and smash anything in premise And misuse you and the fish in your school too Up to you to refuse the deep sea blues It’s Ocean Water Verse 2 The monster stay locked in the nest Scuba gear protect the chest from the savages Cuz they slither through the rocks and crevices Treacherous Jas like-sikevičius Tentacles pierce through the brain cabbages To get ahead let us create our own atmosphere Water’s more heavier than air Not trying to balloon pop my snare The deeper I get more pressure on the non-lyricist Killer with this and whaling on them See an enemy anchor them down to the bottom Its orca fat sounds bounce off objects Determines locations of sea urchins Invertebrates no backbone amongst merchants I work to stay current Keeps the ocean in constant motion no deterrent Reverse osmosis only way to drink the potion Salt leave them dry without the Shea butter lotion If it's good for you it's good for P. Move meticulously through beat like a manatee I gotta write these songs track sound like water level to donkey kong Listen, words come out the deck, Soundwave Pull you in expand your mind through this lyrical maze Back to shore implored the slaughter froze you pop otters sea the ocean water
"Silver Bullet" Verse 1 Run...A prime candidate take a trip through this star gate if you want to learn something Excuse the bum scrum of a place where the asses is fatter than Chow Yun Theese niggas got the munchies Glide like the flying monkeys in search of the donkey Jacks sounding silly, booty blinded by the ripe trying to free those willies Kids ain't got no Billy in them, proof is in the rainmaking that falls on Chili's dinner Acting like wolves in the slaughterhouse Chainsaw Massacre, chains of mascara out In the lady's room putting that face on Trying to get it half price like groupons I gotta a better deal for you Go back to school fool, become a lawyer or something SCOTTIE! Known for pushing buttons Don't be offended by the nerves I be touching Because we all lusting something Sometimes we can be taken over by the curmudgeon I got dragons in my dungeons Even when I finish I can still taste the funyuns Life in another's bunions, try running See if you can finish like the marathon in London Hook 1x They out here hunting Hounds with their nose to the ground come running They out here hunting They out here hunting They out here hunting Trying to touch something They out here hunting Sniffing around for the sound they summon They out here hunting They out here hunting They out here hunting Trying to touch something Verse 2 They came for the bodies Moonlight prowling, hear it in the howling Bring you in the pack make a pact start devouring Souls like Mischief Wolves sucking up juice like Scott and kids spillage You got the juice now, flesh of a whole pound Down to get ran through…chicka-brown-cow Rapping porn style, getting dishes, but no looks Taking all the shots like Michael J but the Teen Wolf Running amuck, hungry, serving them up…Wolfgang Puck Maximum Overdrive when they packing the truck Chuck on stuck system get buck for the suck Paying the money for the hoes of glory, and POW! Silver Bullet went Ham like Corey, and now This traffic Maury de-humanizing the wrong Dori Had enough of exploring this gory and tragic story Done red riding wood he banished her Thought his love was king slayed her like a Lannister Had a wolf of her own, called him Dire Straits Can't handle the truth, same as a liar hates Something from a movie out of Lionsgate The tiger wanted Les Miles on her body weight Call it the great escape she sealed his fate Came to wake with 3 shots more than a castrate Hook 1x They out here hunting Hounds with their nose to the ground come running They out here hunting They out here hunting They out here hunting Trying to touch something They out here hunting Sniffing around for the sound they summon They out here hunting They out here hunting They out here hunting Trying to touch something
Deckard 03:12
"Deckard" P. out in wee hours of the night rolling larger than Marge Running blades through like Deckard I’m Harrison Ford Grinding an axe Stephen F. Lumberjack Better have all my scratch, I’m ill Find my homies to rack, gotta be on it to latch Don’t bury the hatch I’m saying, I don’t bury the hatch I dig it up with the raps My steady arm stronger than Satch, Mo Satchel turning the page on niggas Grizzly, all y’all niggas bear witness Run them down, horse power Preakness Triple my crowns, snitches get stitches Delonte West shit, comic book slapped shit Boom boom clap shit, we will rock you Took a crack at it, half of y’all, crack addicts Other half, whack at it, lack of word play I’m like hey, I’d accept it half as weak as hump day The Weakend, weapon of choice be the voice on the mic like Mean Gene Okerlund Blade Runner Hook 2x I’m outgoing on that highlife Now my court reign supreme Air Allnite Verse 2 Niggas sounding off base, when I’m the Natural Negro league of my own save blown My pitch be monotone, not tactful It’s classical, the new age, new Spencer slang Change styles, fantastical More, than a cap full, smorgasbord Rhymes galore got a pallet full, it’s salt water What’s it good for? A cleanse to leave you with absolutely nothing like War Words perfect, I excel, my stats pad Whether I pad, note pad, these documents bleed man, I’m proof, read All caps with this fine print, it’s like some horror-core shit How a brother lynch, the stench Side step the bodies keeping my clean sneakers Stuck inside this ride sick like Cabin Fever Heated temperature score big like Fat Lever I give you nuggets to run with Out of sight with it non-contrite with a full clip My own path I dipped, middle finger to hindsight My vision 20/20 in the dark still shine bright Not a chi-lite, outgoing on that highlife Now my court rain supreme, Air Allnite
Major Dutch 01:47
"Major Dutch" Yeah, It’s like a jungle sometime it makes me wonder How I keep eating lightning, crapping thunder a Mickey summer Up in the trees, everywhere, your out on leave Running on tundra seen, great blunder team Ay, these skulls cleaned in a trophy case King wrote they always come back…I’m the Wraith This here will start a following like cults Arms out of this world, Major Dutch, no Schultz Bare them, dare them, line of sight, scare them At night take two to the ribs, I won’t spare them It’s like the jungle came alive and took them I collect bodies Screaming for what, still lobby for some more hobbies Sent here to tear you out the frame with pain Nobody lives forever, it’s not Fame Get on your dash, Dame…Jay asked can I live There’s a price to have skin in this hunting game Killed or be killed, insane in the brain Over the hills like Langoliers, infrared skills Is Kevin Pete sensing the body heat Bones I keep, vultures can keep the meat like where’s the beef One of a kind no doppelganger, when I come with bangers Get to the chopper hangar, its danger Just a sport, a gamer, in camouflage You can miss me like hey stranger, what’s going on Dropping like tree trunk swung to crush lungs Out here yelling like war cries, I got one Clutch the cloaking device precise See the mushroom cloud of fire light, Christ Ice, bad for your health no Gesundheit Dropping bombs out here no car alarms, right I write with the might of a chief and editor Been ahead of ya, waiting I’m the……………Major Dutch
Gradius 03:00 video
"Gradius" Verse 1 When I play them like cartridge Let me just say it takes practice to rip these mics Like it takes practice to eat chopstick rice, not the game New Jack smash your five dollar raps I make change SCOTTIE brain, goes against the grain Cut back and slash find the open lane Score chest out stand tall like Great Dane Dana with fame wheeling my fortune Flip words this white like game to kids in bedroom Honey I’ll be home soon On I-45 throwing shade like Rude Jude I’m that dude, airing out refreshing Crowd gives out high fives and hand gesturing Alert friends through phone calls and text messaging Reply and send they fall like a forward slash Kick sound like a whiplash SCOTTIE come through, kick they ass like Seabass Dumb and Dumber got it made Special Ed class Ultimate Warrior guerilla press then big splash Feel the burn its Monster Mash Miss me with all that Jazz like Greg Ostertag Do it myself, no intern Y’all can’t fool me, that ain’t nothing but ultra-perm I’m Big Worm, collecting my fare with rollers in my hair Yeah! Verse 2 Back for one time boss of the mic crime Tequila lime drunk with a prime rhyme Fatal attract the track insecure rap Secure in the fact I make’um party like frat Different degrees of these styles Test out, grade A’s and high B’s, the honoree Number one in the class I pass like Drew Brees So let’s hear it for the boy Watch the tough cookie stack chips like ahoy He’s for real McCoy, Oscar Golden Boy Nice like Dego weather in May the boy Floyd Pretty right? On some no doy End careers like what happened to the Noid Domino I win slapping tables Mix with the right blend juice and hen Spin, run back on all men it’s Ted Ginn Count yin, dollars or whatever, rhymes ain’t clever Ball off the tether, stature come through in vans the color heather Then collect these ships it’s 8 bit Galaga Screw your face it’s white boy hatcher Champ pick up rings the supersonic rapper Just the facts police the rap dragnet Came to bring the noise like all that racket Bob Saget y’all Americas funniest Ask around, my attitudes the crummiest Check your files styles the bummiest Stay out my radius…GRADIUS
Rockatansky 02:56
"Mad Max" Verse 1 Mad Max in the room glide on sand in a dune buggy Black helmet my file Scully Slimy like water muddy, not mine a nutty buddy Shits child play like Pound Puppies Charles Lee Ray, opposite of Ray Charles in shades See Good Guys finish, slayed, casted away Orenthal James, O.J, going 30 for 30 five parts in Mission Bay Got these bodies they lined up Music in the wind whistling they chimed up Niggas thinking they major key With edge ups filled in with black hair polish grease Walk the streets in black boots X-ing clans in pursuit of trivial loot You history like John Booth Silk like Jamaal Wilkes Disposing all guilt Watch them all Wilt Crumble like walking on tilt on stilts and peeled back Upgraded from crown black and brown Jack I'm on that Scotch label turning niggas Blue black Donald Byrd with words, kicking niggas to the curb, most absurd Verse 2 Can't be heard on some cattle shit Sitting back passing Cubans to Aja Anderson Aurora before the deal was vanishing Faded to black like ending the reel Gotta eat that like sacked meal Run of the mill niggas get killed Rodger that, like Goodell kneel trying to protect the shield like a marvel drill, I don't wrestle with good guys the worst heel Savage like Randy, I kill, the craft scary Elizabeth with it, y'all niggas, Scary Sherry Anger fester, cheat a nigga I’m not Chester A New balance to wrong ones like the molesters Cadence need maintenance I’m taken all measures Got the sheen on my greatness and it’s your pleasure That's the sound of the man working on his slang, cracking up Cats getting bagged like cellophane, barred up Pumpkin head jacks get carved up Like Roy Jones to juniors when he got tarved up It’s P….Never run numbers on Spanky Marlo with meetings and all that think tanky It’s Scott Clancy, writing it up, graffiti and Bansky Footing desert streets it’s Rockatansky
Frank Dux 03:16
"Frank Dux" Verse 1 It took me a minute they must've thought I finished I was born in it forever it will never diminish Cut the check like a salary, probably be mad at me Thought I would go quietly, nah not exactly Intellectual property, don't no nigga copy me No slow average Joe's, no dope sounding sloppily I observed from the bleachers out of control with no teachers For the foreseeable future I ain't doing no features Unless it's Radio Galaxy, a whole lot of casualties Including your majesty, slid in so casually Didn't mean to…Yeah, It ain't my fault that.... You know the rest, niggas I come correct on the pure wreck my life's best That shit was like a kick in the chest, but I digress Shoot ya shot if it's hot, it's still hard to top her Hope it's not a flopper, Lebron playing soccer Solo, cutting ties like bolo, guess I'm back in the Dojo Won't see me at no show, keep all the logos Feel like back in the day though when I was rolling in Dego Tavie's 67 Impala, trips to the Barrel Pulling tricks out top hat On some now you see me now you don't, this disappearing act Informed and all intact, knew I was coming back Time to heal in fact, waited for a time to kill like Samuel Jack Q the juice was all crew like Tupac Now I'm Frank duking that Salt in my eyes niggas blind to all the true facts And that’s that Verse 2 Some bars ago I returned to Dojo Changed the gold room flow, to Ralph Macchio How I kick all day, on some yes sensei Not the fair way, I’m out for blood I sweep legs Prepay your session figuratively speaking I collect points these foul niggas stay reaching Black belt master Hakim the Mantis thrasher Game of Death like the Kumite submit faster Bleed, breed of mc from the future Please stop fronting with pie soft exterior Plush interior, put up walls in my dojo I'm great, they just so, twice though Spit on one accord even with the line flips I got kicks from the crane, karate chops Tear niggas out the frame, they body rock Mos Def I slide, kick brain fold arms, Scottie Cage And a drop to the floor Y'all rose in fell like Sage, and now Take these shots like Kung Fu Joe with a smile The crowd, chant and bow, meanwhile Split these kicks I'm boxing like Nok Su Kow You gotta feel this Dow, like the Jones Gotta bone to pick with any dragon fly clones Fiyah fly, Venus Fly, niggas trapped with no key A box never intended to be But now I see, it was me, Bloodsport P.
"Sometimes They Come Back" Set fire to everything it all must go Sometimes they come back, when I do two fold Pet Semetary, Gage at your throat Show rated low, like Rotten Tomato post Flow been angelic, without the halo First person shooter, watch the Medulla You won’t feel shit, I’ll make this quick I go on these runs believe I pour it on thick Call off the dogs? That ain’t my job Ignited when you push me to start like key fob, bars So sick niggas need Ben Taub I rebound and streak, better toss me the lob My only outlet, I gave him the nod Been entrenched in this, since the day I was robbed Right on time, don’t have a bovine Came to shake up shit, like the Cali fault line Don’t waste my time, them hogwash lines, Peons My time is prime, this Deion Steak well done, serving cats like Iams I put on a show, y’all the Gong every time Come back, you take the L, I’m the way like The Drive Indian, leave’em in the ocean make them Maldive Is-land, my man 100 grand like candy in hand one man band I mean, like Idi, king of this Scotland Spit that red light, put that on Roxanne I stop traffic like they looking for dopeman Barbaric that Conan, pop without coke cans This fine China bring trouble like Lo Pan Nigga I’m too big, Zoltar, don’t make that wish kid With pen I state to disgrace like Joe Pa Sometimes they come back…Like welcoming back Carter 10 steps I drew bury more, Firestarter Flame out, roll the dice partner I take the bread, Coushatta, a whole lotta Niggas come out their teeth Can’t control the tarter, too much beef Man on Fire came back it’s Creasy


FWMJ's Rappers I Know & Radio Galaxy
are pleased to present

Scottie Spitten — S.C.O.T.T.I.E.
His first solo album.


released March 22, 2019

Vocal Performance by Scottie Spitten
All Songs Produced by Radio Galaxy

Recorded at The Gold Room in Space City, Texas by King Midas.
Mixed and Mastered by King Midas and #NoCatchPhraze

Illustration by @seancumiskeyart
Design & Layout by


all rights reserved



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